Balcony balustrad, terraces
Bathroom furniture
Faux stone "Samsung STARON"
Glass furniture
Interior doors, handles and door jambs
Partition walls, room dividers
Sandblasted matte finish
Sauna doors and sauna walls
Shower enclosures
Sliding doors
Stairs and stair balustrades
Steam sauna doors
Wall panels and ceiling panels
Wood ageing

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Manufacturing enterprise which was founded based on private capital .
Our enterprise, which is fast-developing under exacting standards, offers professional solutions.
During ten years of operations, we have multiplied our production volumes many times over, as well as greatly increasing our product range.
In 1998, we began manufacturing sauna doors. Thanks to the market demand, we also complemented our product range with internal solid glass doors.
In 2003, we began manufacturing partition walls and sliding doors in aluminium frames. For this purpose, we also created a special Aluminium Department.
In 2004, we expanded our production area, which enabled us to build a carpentry workshop. We acquired a sizing saw, two edging machines, an abrasive planer, a veneer guillotine machine, and a heated platen press, all of which formed a cornerstone for our furniture manufacturing processes.
In 2005, we enhanced our production facilities with a painting chamber, a finishing shop, and a sandblaster room.
In 2006, we created a department which specialises in stairs and welding.
In 2008, we became actively engaged in exports. Today, we sell our products to Norway, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Belarus.
In 2010, we acquired a larger production building and a Sweden automatic strapping machine "Cyklop" were purchased.
In 2011 the company bought a German company Weeke’s CNC-wood processing machine which speeds up the production of kitchens, offices, timber furniture, doors, and stairs.
Wall panels, internal doors, sliding doors, furniture, wardrobes, glass partitions, sauna doors, doors for steam saunas, shower enclosures, glass aluminium canopies, internal window sills, intarsia (patterned veneer), glass furniture, stairs, railings for stairs, balcony railings, glass floors, mirrors, and moisture-resistant bathroom furniture.
We provide a glass-painting service, a patterned glass-frosting service using a sandblaster, and a timber ageing processing.
In our production processes, we use products from Saint-Gobain, Fiskars, Dorma, Tesa, Assa, Abloy, Simonswerk,  Mandelli, Nordic-Alumiinium, Sapa, Casma, Q-Railing, Archie, and Mestre.
Glass tempering corresponds to the requirements set in the EVS-EN 12150-1 international standard and has been tested by the Tallinn University of Technology Testing Centre.

We adjust our production methods according to the needs and wishes of our customers. We combine glass, aluminium, stainless steel, and timber surfaces.

Taking into account today’s rapid pace of life, our objective has been to provide the customers with an opportunity to order most of the furnishing elements they may need from one place.